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A good management system, along with the right team, is key to initiating change.  

ERP Odoo

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Running a business can be complex. Fortunately, with the help of business management software like Odoo, you can keep your stocks in order, your purchases managed; your sales, web and accounting synchronized.

Odoo allows you to adapt its different modules to the needs of your company. Access information from a single platform to make strategic decisions in real time.

Main advantages

It has a modular system that offers scalable solutions to accompany your company as it grows

Fully integrated​

Easy to use

Open source system: allows custom development, in case it does not offer a specific solution, to any of your business needs

What do you get?

Integration of all areas of the company

  Odoo helps you manage all areas of your company in a single system. This allows you to streamline decision-making and improve visibility into all aspects of your business.

Improvement efficiency

Gestiona por completo tu e-commerce sin depender de nadie.

Costs reduction​

By integrating and automating processes, Odoo allows you to reduce operating costs and improve your profitability.

Process automation

It allows you to automate manual and tedious processes, such as invoice generation and inventory management. You save time, effort and possible mistakes.

Greater flexibility

Odoo is highly customizable and can be tailored to the specific needs of your company, allowing for a seamless and easy-to-use system.


It has a wide variety of tools and functions to help your company manage and automate business operations.

Odoo modules

By choosing Odoo, you get the functionalities of all the native modules.

In addition, being an open source system, you can cover those needs that the modules do not address, with custom development.

Odoo Functionalities

You can add or adapt the functionalities depending on the specific context of your business.

We have localization in Argentina, which allows you to use the software under the tax and administrative regulations of the country.

  • Electronic invoice
  • Calculation of perceptions
  • AFIP data query by CUIT
  • Obtaining USD AFIP rate
  • Obtaining EUR AFIP rate
  • Adjustment for inflation
  • Control invoices issued AFIP
  • Control AFIP supplier invoices
  • MiPyme voucher
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Multiple Account Assignment
  • Calculation of Income Tax withholdings
  • Calculation of IIBB withholdings
  • Standard IIBB BSAS
  • IIBB CABA Standard
  • Report payment with cbte. Retention
  • Costing in foreign currency
  • Invoice A Single Taxpayer
  • VAT Subsidiary (excel)
  • Digital VAT Book
  • SIFERE Perceptions
  • SIFERE Withholdings
  • SICORE Withholdings
  • ARBA Perceptions
  • ARBA Withholdings
  • Portal: Payments and Withholding
  • Electronic Invoice Export
  • Self-printier remittance
  • Exchange rate per voucher
  • Management of own checks
  • Third party checks managment
  • Purchase Journal
  • Sales Daily Book
  • Cashflow
  • Import AFIP supplier invoices
  • QR code on invoices

Integration with Mercado Libre

You have available the integration of Mercado Libre with Odoo.

It allows you to streamline your sales operations and achieve a higher degree of administrative and financial control.        

Download orders

Simple sales and carts.

Label download

From the delivery note you can print the labels.

Automated invoicing

Once the delivery is done, Odoo bills for you.

FULL mode management

100% automated flow.

Sending PDF invoice

Once invoiced, Odoo sends the invoice to.

Payment record

Payment is automatically recorded.

Stock synchronization

Odoo informs available stock.

Welcome message

Inform those who buy from you.


Manage new posts from Odoo.


Odoo informs price to publications

KIT handling

Stock y sale of contemplated KITS

Default image

Configure default image for publications.

Implementation process


We survey the needs of your business.


We suggest an implementation proposal.


We develop a customized solution in case any of your business processes is not reached by the native Odoo solution.


We train your team.


Live output!

Start the change in your company.

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